The Scrolls of Sin

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The Scrolls of Sin

Enter the world of Mulgara, where conquerors and ghouls and sordid necromancers await.

“In The Scrolls of Sin, David Rose paints a fully realized fantasy realm with ingenious plotting, complex characterization, and cleverly lush language. It’s also viscerally involving. The collection is so steeped in the sin of the title that it plunges the reader into a sordid otherworld of corruption, treachery, violence, torture, lust, murder, and dark magic — though not without fleeting moments that grope toward something like tenderness and redemption.”

Mulgara: The Necromancer’s Will

Mulgara: The Necromancer’s Will

How three fingers belong to one gnarled hand, so here do the tales to be told:

When Maecidion dies, the reading of the will is an outrage. Irion, the dead necromancer’s kin, watches as coveted heirlooms are given to his enemies. Himself no stranger to black magic, Irion soon embarks on a bitter skirmish to retrieve what should rightfully be his.

A composite novel: Tinged with traces of horror and humor, erotica and satire, the world of Mulgara plays host to an ensemble of dark characters. Not only necromancers, but grave robbers, thieves, and a bubbly witch, all caught in a web of friend or foe, and through their tales, Maecidion’s plan is ultimately revealed.

Lovecraft’s Iraq


The year is 2005. Blood from the Second Battle of Fallujah still dries on the farmlands of the Zaidon. But for Stygian 2-3, a young team of Recon Marines, the war is anything but over.

Plaguing their battlespace is an ancient evil. Those who volunteered to ensure “Iraqi Freedom” must fight not only anti-Coalition forces, but powers older than the United States, democracy… the world itself.


“Military hell from a veteran who’s lived it, Rose’s Lovecraft’s Iraq is slick, cinematic, and surreal. An action adventure of the heroes who give their all, even when there is no winning.”

– Lee Murray, two-time Bram Stoker Award®-winner, and author of Into the Mist

“Rose effortlessly captures the nuance of an Iraq deployment while conjuring something far more sinister.”

– Leo Jenkins, author of Lest We Forget

“Brought me back to the gritty details of the very real and intense moment-to-moment experiences of combat, woven together with the altogether unreal.”

– Brock Hileman, former Recon Marine and David Rose’s team leader in Iraq

Monsters in the Bush: Lovecraftian Military Tales

Seven tales—including ‘Lovecraft in Lockup,’ the sequel to Lovecraft’s Iraq—are here to pay homage to military life and lunatic cosmic dread.

Malaki Marsh, corporal in the Marine Corps, has brought a bit of Ipswich to Onslow Beach. Armed with arcane know-how, he’s on the verge of summoning a swimmer from the deep—but whose ill fate it may bring not even he can tell.

Recon Marine, daring leader, lunatic extraordinaire, Cornelius Van Cleave seems to live for only two things: the beloved Corps and climbing with his hands and teeth up its bloody ranks. But there are fallen stars, abductions, and dark magic during Desert Storm all standing in his way.

Ronald Ragsdale, veteran turned congressman, would like nothing better than to unsee his past. But none could forget the horror he encountered while in the jungles of Vietnam. His one and only trip to the VA leaves him spilling his guts to a skeptical shrink, though she may not remain doubtful for long.

There is the Iraqi, Al-Sufi. Along with his moronic brother, he’s high-tailing it out of Iraq, off to a new land, to the United States of America, where, if they get there, a greater banquet awaits than seen in their centuries-spanning lives.

Esoteric rituals. Strange powers harnessed. A disarmed military policeman, out to solve the case of a lifetime, and more.

Creepy, well-crafted, rife with dark humor, and teeming with determined characters, Monsters in the Bush is a collection of military horror like no other.