What’s Dudesbooks about?

A curated library site with a focus on pulp literature and men’s adventures in fantasy, science fiction and other genres

The problem with amazon is that the way to search new books on the site tend to put on top only romances in many of the categories or especially recently the new litrpg genre.
I don’t have anything against those and even liked some litrpg which bring the second problem that now the site seem to think that’s all i want to see and don’t give me a chance to find new fantasy/sf authors .
Another annoying thing with many site is the fact that you get lists/recommendations of books with half of them being part of the same serie which is useless since you don’t need that if you already know the serie exist so to avoid that the library show only the first of each.

So i decided to do something and created dudesbooks to catalog as much old classic and debuting authors as i can find (i still put link to amazon in the book pages). I started with a focus on the more “pulpish” genre like sword&sorcery, space adventures, noir detective, urban fantasy (without romance) and weirdfictions but then decided to expand into the more “serious” like hard sf, grimdark fantasy, space opera,military and historical fictions ect.
And i wanted a way to search things in a library not only get recommendation from reddit or elsewhere as well as sorting all that by the decade of writing, serie size and book length.

The goal is to gather a huge database of old books going as far back as the pulp stories of weird tales magazine(Conanan,Lovecraft and many others) and new authors who have little chance to get in the top lists of amazon and to make them all searchable across various genres by tropes and other tags

What is a trope? A plot thematic existing across genres : mercenaries companies, time-travel, zombies, lovecraftian, cold war, dystopia, vampires, spec ops…. ect

Feel like reading some historical fiction? But just rewatched the firsts seasons of walking dead and in the mood for some more zombies? If it exist the dudesbooks library can find one happening in the victorian age or during world war two easily ; the limit being that i have heard of it of course but you can help with that by making suggestions on the forum
(this is largely a personal project but i set up one in case other people find the idea interesting and want to participate)

At the heart of the site is the sortable library, on top of the trope one it is searchable by lot of tags so you can search your next book by genre, length, writing decade, whether its stand alone or part of a serie
but also rarer categories like period covered (for historical fiction),serie size and more.

It also come with a tag for new authors/serie because i hope that this site can help make discover new writers in this genres so we can all enjoy new original stuff in the future.

Btw while dudesbooks came as a catchy name for this site the ladies who share this kind of tastes – vampires that don’t sparkle and are certainly not frequenting your local high school or fantasy fictions without romance – are welcome to use it to find their next book too of course.