Ravenous: A Zombie Apocalypse LitRPG (Necrotic Apocalypse Book 1)

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Ravenous: A Zombie Apocalypse LitRPG (Necrotic Apocalypse Book 1)

An unstoppable curse. A dead man displaced from his time. How do you survive the zombie apocalypse when you started it?

Digby Graves, a deceased medieval peasant with delusions of grandeur, is trying to figure out how the hell he ended up in Seattle eight hundred years after his death. Also, why does he have necrotic magic coursing through his zombified body? Added to that is the fact that he made a terrible first impression the moment he woke up by lunging at the first person that came into biting range.

Now, the curse he unleashed is loose in the world. Digby has a target on his back and only fragmented memories of his death. He needs to survive long enough to put the pieces back together, learn what it means to lead the horde, and master his power over the dead. Digby might even find a few accomplices along the way, if he can hold off on eating them.

The end of the world is gonna get weird.