The Nonesuch and Others

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The Nonesuch and Others features a new Brian Lumley hero, the Man With No Name. As stated in the introduction, the Man With No Name “is just an innocent bystander who happens to be standing by in the wrong place at the wrong time: a witness to terrifying occurrences, monstrous events, who can never be one hundred percent positive that the things he has experienced are real. And why not? Because a man who sees pink elephants might as easily see just about anything.”

Neither hero nor anti-hero, the Man With No Name is narrator of the three stories in this collection, but in The Nonesuch he’s at least seen to be brave if not actually heroic. However, “if you the reader were confronted by the bizarre, inexplicable nonesuches whose paths tend to cross his in the following stories…well, how brave would you be?”

Stories included in this collection:
The Thin People
The Nonesuch

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