Peril in Plain Space Trilogy: Amish Vampires in Space/Amish Zombies from Space

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Peril in Plain Space Trilogy: Amish Vampires in Space/Amish Zombies from Space
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The genre-busting Peril in Plain Space trilogy is complete!

In 2013, author Kerry Nietz stunned the world with his science fiction take on a seemingly nonsensical title–Amish Vampires in Space. The story of Jebediah Miller and the other Raven survivors has since expanded into two more seemingly improbably concoctions–Amish Zombies from Space and Amish Werewolves of Space–both of which have won awards and delighted fans of the original story. Now, to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Amish Vampires, all three books are available together in a single e-book. Unique, thoughtful, entertaining, and far, far out in left (hay?) field.

Grab it now!

Amish Vampires in Space: Jebediah has a secret that will change his world forever and send his people into space. The Amish world of Alabaster calls upon an ancient promise to escape destruction. Then end up on a cargo ship bound for the stars. But they are not the only cargo on board. Some of it is alive…or used to be. Now, with vampires taking over and closing in on the Amish refugees, these simple believers must decide whether their faith depends upon their honored traditions or something even older.

Amish Zombies from Space: First, vampires in space. And now…zombies. Really? Jebediah and the others are trying to get over the horrors they faced in deep space, and now this. It’s been five years, and the Amish colony on Miller’s Resolve has finally gotten settled. Jeb and Sarah have a son. Elder Samuel is happy not being in charge. Darly has a private practice. And Greels is out of jail at last. But when a mysterious ship from space arrives on Resolve, it unleashes a horde of undead that might spell the end of the survivors and their dreams of peace. Will the specters of the past save them, or seal their fate?

Amish Werewolves of Space: Some say death comes in threes. For the Amish community of Alabaster, it seems to. They’ve maintained an uneasy alliance with the vamperkinder, the altered humans that rescued them from the zombies seven years ago. But after several vicious attacks—nighttime slaughters that could only have been perpetrated by the kinder—the union of the two peoples is shattered. Meanwhile, a resurgent zombie horde and mysterious nightly howls signal doom, not only for the Amish, but for the entire galaxy. As more and more planets fall, the Raven survivors hunt for a solution. Can they restore the peace? Escape the horde? Save the galaxy? Or is it already too late?

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