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Theft of fire review. A very fun hard sf space adventure by Devon Eriksen

Marcus Warnoc is a space miner who’s minding is own business when he come back to his ship to find it suddenly hijacked by a purple eyed highborn lady. Not only that but this “genetwisted” aristocrat insist they are to go on a mission at the very edge of the solar system without deigning to even explain what she’s looking for here.

In this universe the kind of person who’s heir to a family owning a space megacorp are quasi royalty and shouldn’t have to lift a finger to get what she want let alone board a ship with a simple commoner like him.

But are they really alone on this quest? Turn out she might have bring with her a third passenger…

I really enjoyed the adventures of Marcus and Miranda the characters are well fleshed and Miranda the entitled heiress of an immensely wealthy family quickly grow on you as you get to see more of her human side beyond her (very) unusual gene engineered beauty that is a stallmark the rich use to distinguish their kids from the ordinary peoples

It’s a space adventure with a hard sf edge in that the near future technologies used are believable and not waved away as just some kind of sf phlebotinum based things but you don’t get pages of technical explications either it’s all flowing gently with the story

The solar system the characters inhabit is devoid of central government and seem ruled by contracts with corporations, a cartel of the biggest ones having a monopoly on important technology like space propulsion.
This and the objective Marcus end up pursuing had me classify it under the libertarian sf tag (not that the author bother you with any politic)

All in all i can’t wait to read the next book it’s one of the best sf i’ve read lately.

Book synopsis and link here

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