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1000! I just added the 1000th book to the library

Given that about half of that are the start of a trilogy/serie it mean that

The dudesbooks library has now at least 2500+ books !

Along the journey the type of works added have expanded a little from the pure pulp adventures genre i was focusing on at the beginning and include now a sizeable collection of things like grimdark fantasy, hard sf, historical fictions, military fictions and thriller.

But the tag system still permit to find what one want and it make it more fun to find things that you were not searching for across genres.

For the curious the 1000th book is A Feast of Ambrosia: The Adventures of Bingor and Donalbain by Glenn Rahman published in 2023. (available on kindle unlimited)
Before that Glenn had among other things collaborated on Sorcery Against Caesar with Richard L. Tierney a collection stories that were one of the inspirations for the Cthulhu Invictus campaign for the Call of Cthulhu role-playing game by Chaosium and mixing sword and sorcery, weird fiction in roman times.

So that mean i still find plenty of new pulpish novels to add :)

The 999th was Theft of Fire: by Devon Eriksen a new selfpublished hard sf release which i discovered on twitter, got lot of nice reviews and is going to be my next read

I keep adding old stuff too : the next is Northwest Smith by C.L. Moore about the adventures of a space outlaw who “could be Han Solo’s grandfather” written by the author of the famous Jirel of Joiry the red-haired female warrior whose adventures appeared alongside those of Conan in weird tales magazine in the 1930s decades before red sonja

If you know interesting new (or old) authors/books don’t hesitate to share them on the forum.


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