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After more than 20 year out of print the first Vampire : the masquerade novels are back on amazon

Vampire : the masquerade is a TTRPG by White Wolf Publishing set in the world of darkness universe and involving vampires divided into various clans hidden from the mortal world by strict rules scheming to influence events and against each other sometimes across a century timeframe

The earliest novel published by White Wolf for the RPG date from 1994 and they have been out of print since then.

Paradox Interactive (the current holder of the IP) has struck a deal with a small publisher to re-release a lot of them including the clan novels set in modern day as well as the dark age clan novels and the grail covenant trilogy set in medieval europe after the fall of constantinople

Now they’re being republished by Crossroad Press with the 2 very first : Dark Prince and Prince of the City by Keith Herber already on kindle and paperback

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