Theft of Fire: Orbital Space #1 by Devon Eriksen

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At the frozen edge of the solar system lies a hidden treasure which could spell their fortune or their destruction—but only if they survive each other first.

Marcus Warnoc has a little problem. His asteroid mining ship—his inheritance, his livelihood, and his home—has been hijacked by a pint-sized corporate heiress with enough blackmail material to sink him for good, a secret mission she won’t tell him about, and enough courage to get them both killed. She may have him dead to rights, but if he doesn’t turn the tables on this spoiled Martian snob, he’ll be dead, period. He’s not giving up without a fight.

He has a plan.

Miranda Foxgrove has the opportunity of a lifetime almost within her grasp if she can reach it. Her stolen spacecraft came with a stubborn, resourceful captain who refuses to cooperate—but he’s one of the few men alive who can snatch an unimaginable treasure from beneath the muzzles of countless railguns. And if this foulmouthed Belter thug doesn’t want to cooperate, she’ll find a way to force him. She’s come too far to give up now.

She has a plan.

They’re about to find out that a plan is a list of things that won’t happen.

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PRAISE FOR Theft of Fire

“Shoot-em-up space opera, mysterious alien artifacts, freedom-minded Belters versus corporate oligarchs, and even a bit of romance highlight this masterpiece of the new golden age of optimistic, imaginative science fiction.”
—John Walker, co-founder, Autodesk, Inc.

“This is the best new hard sci-fi I’ve read in a long time. It follows in the best traditions of Asimov, Heinlein, Niven, Vinge, Card, Zahn, and the like.”
—JT, Space Force Systems Engineer