A Graveyard of Stars

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In uncharted and forbidden tracts of space, ancient evils awaken…

With its visceral action, escalating dread, vivid characters braving trauma and temptation, and startling feats of imagination, A Graveyard of Stars anthology will send the reader hurtling through space toward chilling revelations and breathless conclusions.

The Temple by Joseph Sale: After an audacious crew of salvagers crosses into dangerous territory seeking otherworldly treasure, they discover an occult secret that could change everything.

The Station by Lee Mountford: The intrepid crew of the Argento encounters unimaginable horrors after discovering a mysterious, drifting megastructure in the depths of space.

Graveyard of Stars by Dan Soule: A routine maintenance job on the edge of the notorious Demon Star system goes terribly wrong, leaving the stranded engineers caught between the unfathomable forces of Algol and the lethal dangers of the encroaching defense net they are sworn to uphold.

These three brilliantly inventive novellas combined in this compulsive sci-fi collection to explore threats lurking in a forbidden and blighted sector of space. Perfect for fans of Event Horizon, Alien, Dead Silence, and Luminous Dead.

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