The Dead Unleashed: (Unleashed Anthology series Volume 3)

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Grab your bug out bag, strap on every weapon you can find, and get ready for a 600-page descent into undead hell! This gigantic book of the dead and reanimated is brought to you by 30 mind-scarring apocalyptic word warriors penning you horrors you could never have imagined… and can only live safely through by reading The Dead Unleashed.

Novacaine, Rich Restucci
…and the Geiger Counter Clicks, Brandon Scott
The Closet, Blake Standard
Overhand Follow Through, Jay Wilburn
Our Last Day of School Ever, Joseph C. DiNallo
Operation Z, Marie Lanza
Mavreides Gambit, Matthew Hollis Damon
Planted, Steve Oden
The Living Dead Man, R.J. Spears
A Merry Maskless Christmas Eve Ball, Kurt Newton
Chimera, Jacob Austin
Zombies at Red Rock, Roxanne Dent
Rucco, James Robert Smith
Dead Tranquil, Chantal Boudreau
Alexa, Stop!, Maria Wickens
Hipster Apocalypse, Chad A. B. Wilson
Dust, Catlyn Ladd
Zombies, Troy Diffenderfer
Running with Zombies, Sean M. Davis
Zombitropolis, Gregory L. Norris
About Brains, Claire Davon
The Disincarnate, Stanley B. Webb
The Death of Art, Tim Latham
Bones, Phoenix Roberts
Picture Show, Jay Seate
Dead Love, John Teel
Parts of Us, Shelly Lyons
Mostly Dead, Darrin Bright
Drawn And Quartered, Mark Tufo
Still Dead Cadillac, Javan Bonds

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