Fruiting Bodies and Other Fungi

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Fruiting Bodies and Other Fungi

Thirteen terrifying tales from the master of horror who created the nationally bestselling Necroscope series. The title story, “Fruiting Bodies,” in which a small village slowly disappears, won the British Fantasy Award.

“The Viaduct,” is the story of two young boys who learn the truth about fear and death.

“Born of the Winds” was nominated for the World Fantasy Award.

There is also an introduction by Lumley in which he discusses violence in horror fiction.

Stories included in this collection:
Fruiting Bodies
The Man Who Photographed Beardsley
The Man Who Felt Pain
The Viaduct
No Way Home
The Pit-Yakker
The Mirror of Nitocris
The Thin People
The Cyprus Shell
The Deep-Sea Conch
Born of the Winds

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