Blood, Sweat, and Steel: Tales of Future Combat and Mechanized Warfare

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Invincibility lies in the defense, the possibility of victory in the attack. ~Sun Tzu

But war never changes…

Sure, men fight for their beliefs, their country, and their ways of life. And often times the battles are hard fought and devastating. But more often than not, the outcome is decided by who has the better gear.

Really, what good is a grunt if you have a main battle tank at your disposal?

Follow these troopers and their units through skirmishes and tide turning battles as they sacrifice their own Blood, Sweat, and Steel.

With stories by Kevin Ikenberry, J. R. Handley, Liska McCabe, Morgan Chalfant, Casey Moores, J.F. Holmes, William Joseph Roberts, Sergio Palumbo, Rick Partlow, and an opening essay by David Drake

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