The Last Dying Light: A Novel of Belisarius (The Last of the Romans Book 1)

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The Last Dying Light: A Novel of Belisarius (The Last of the Romans Book 1)
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Rome has fallen into darkness.

Its legacy remains alive in Constantinople, whose leaders struggle to retain control of a decaying land. Yet famine, war, and an encroaching night leave the Eastern Empire trending towards ruin.

Faint hope arises as a new dynasty ascends to the throne of Caesar. Bearing witness to such events is Varus, a young Herulian slave to the aging yet powerful Justin, who unveils a bold plan held by two generations of Romans – to retake the West and reclaim their homeland.

Following Justin’s dream, Varus enlists with the Roman Army and discovers the carnage of 6th Century warfare. As a mysterious horde of black-shielded invaders devastates the Empire’s northern provinces, Varus’ unit is called upon to defend under the leadership of Belisarius, one of Justin’s most promising commanders.

As Varus prepares for the sacrifices to come, however, he begins to question Justin’s secrets, seeking answers regarding his true identity and place as a pivotal figure in the Empire’s survival.