Against All Enemies

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Against All Enemies is a Silver Finalist for the American Writing Awards, a Firebird Award Winner for Best Military Fiction, and a North American Book Awards Bronze Medal Winner for Military Fiction!

When the People’s Republic of China unleashes a devastating attack on the United States, newly appointed Navy Commander Bill Wilkins and his crew are suddenly alone, deep in the enemy’s backyard, and unable to communicate with naval or national leadership.

At home in Washington, the president is detached from reality. Survivors of his cabinet contend with military leadership for control, some to save the nation they serve, others in pursuit of personal power.As America becomes alienated from her allies, Russia begins a campaign that creates heightened fears of nuclear annihilation.

Bill must navigate a political minefield to find friends among China’s neighbors while undertaking a role that demands he take unimaginable risks and wrestle with the question, What losses are acceptable in order to win?