The Curse of the Star Wraiths (Steel & Stormbright Book 1)

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The Curse of the Star Wraiths (Steel & Stormbright Book 1)
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In a world where gods walk alongside mortals, and humanity is cowed into submission by the empire of Alcaron, two brothers find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Taken from their homes and subjected to terrors that would drive any man insane, Serithas and Zolan will have to learn just what it takes to be men, in a world that appears indifferent to their very existence.

Following their journey, our heroes shall find themselves pitted against a slew of unspeakable horrors. All the while they are being pursued by General Caerst, a woman whose reputation and malice knows no bounds.

Nowhere is safe. Instead, both will have to learn the true meaning of strength, resolve, and friendship. They will have to rise to the occasion, when all else would rather have them turning away in fear.

They will have to become STEEL and STORMBRIGHT.