Origin A.R.S.

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The life of a soldier can be a harsh and lonely existence. When a soldier leaves the service to be with the woman who he loves only to find out that she is pregnant with the child of another man, his story will usually end on a sad note. However, sometimes events occur that will send that man down an unexpected path in life…

Scott Jacobs, mentally and emotionally exhausted by a lifetime of people simply changing their minds in regards to how much they care about him, accepts an offer to play a game. However, that game turns out to be a true existence where people can become as strong as they desire if they are willing to work toward their dreams.

In this new world of opportunities he will gain levels, fight humorous monsters, and listen to interesting background music! It is the adventure of a lifetime, and he is ready to get that party started.

Danger and love await him around every corner, but what is the truth of this strange and interesting reality that works so much like an old school role playing game? In time, he may find out, but until then he will have to find a new place and a new purpose.

This story is slightly related to the story series known as Freelance Saga.The connection is a minor thing, but it is part of a related concept that will include several different world settings with a similarly named main character.

Consider these stories to be ‘alternative universe settings’ with a similar main lead. They are a collection of “What if” stories with a main character that has a lot in common with the other similarly named main characters, but each is their own existence with their own unique back story.

Galactic Fist of Legend

In the year 2018 a bright star appeared near Earth. Humanity as a whole was briefly introduced to a race of beings far beyond their understanding. During that brief interaction a proclamation was made, Defeat the Grand Emissary or become the eternal slaves of those who had arrived at Earth.

The only chance for victory was for people all across the globe to make a choice. When prompted to become a champion and a play a bizarre game of life or death they could choose yes or no. Those who chose no, went about their lives afterward. All memory of the event was lost despite the fact that their very existence as a free species hung by a single thread.

Will those who said yes manage to survive the horror of the game and become strong enough to defeat the Grand Emissary. Can one of them become… The Galactic Fist of Legend.

Also, it’s a comedy with significant parody elements. Pretty obvious, right?

This litrpg story takes place in a setting that involves hopping between worlds. One moment the protagonist is fighting zombies, and the next he is facing down platform hopping challenges in a world where a single misstep could send him plummeting down through what appears to be an endless sky. Part of a multiverse project known as Project Scott, it features a main protagonist who’s name is similar across multiple books but who is not the exact same character each time. It is a labor of love, and of goofy humor. Other stories in the project include Freelance Saga, Galataea Crystallim, and Origin ARS.