Mimic & Me

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Mimic & Me

Damon has become a monster…sort of.

Betrayed and left for dead by a group of slaving nobles, he thought there was nothing left but to bleed out as he counted the number of bricks on the ceiling. But fate had other plans.

Moments before Damon’s death, a gelatinous, gluttonous mimic reveals itself to him. Fearing a more gruesome and horrible death down the mimic’s gullet, Damon offers the food in his pack—sandwiches, cookies, and everything else! Encouraged by the (admittedly forced) generosity, the Mimic fuses with Damon, enhancing his body and transforming him into a half-man half-mimic monstrosity.

Once a poor, down-on-his-luck scout, Damon now has new capabilities far beyond anything anyone on Basania has seen before.

The only problem? His new bodymate’s insatiable hunger for cake…and human flesh.