Hostile Contact: A First Contact Military Sci-Fi Thriller

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Hostile Contact: A First Contact Military Sci-Fi Thriller
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A failed military training exercise. An alien incursion, desperate and on the hunt. Survival is just the beginning…

Finn had thought he’d seen it all…but no…he had to admit…

Not quite everything…

There was a big universe out there and it was about to land in his lap.

Just how bad could it be?

Insubordinate and on the edge, Finn is a troubled war hero racked by guilt, overseen by an unyielding Commanding Officer while dragging his ragtag group of rookies through basic training. Suddenly caught up in a major global crisis, he joins with Gunner Zuri Zuberi, leading Delta Squad in a desperate struggle for survival when an alien incursion lands slap bang in the middle of their training session – killing indiscriminately and pitting inexperienced soldiers against the power of alien technology.

With the modern-day world panicking after the small alien force penetrates Earth’s ineffective defences, a second incursion drops into the atmosphere, revealing more of the enemy’s capabilities. As losses mount, the world’s armed forces find themselves helpless to act when the aliens reveal a weapon that could change modern warfare forever.

This new alien tech breeds greed and mistrust amongst opposing countries. The need to be the first to acquire it, escalating beyond political conflict as governments circle, missiles at the ready.

Finding themselves alone in the fight for Earth’s future, Delta Squad discover the aliens are more than they seem, and that alien technology can be just as deadly in the hands of humanity when they unearth the Weapons of Choice.

Read Hostile Contact, an action-packed sci-fi survival novel – where ‘Predator’ meets ‘Full Metal Jacket’ in a pulse-pounding, non-stop thrill ride.