Letters of cold fire (occult cases of John Thunstone)

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THE HAIRY ONES SHALL DANCE (The Judge Pursuivant Trilogy Book 1)

FROM THE PAGES OF "WEIRD TALES" THE WORLD'S GREATEST SHUDDER PULP! "Manly Wade Wellman is a treasure that should not be missed … should be in the collection of everyone who loves pulp fiction in the “Weird Tales” style." Goodreads Read more

The Arkham Detective Collection

"Some cities grew; Arkham just festered," so said the hard-boiled police detective that oversees the Mythos Division, a department that is mandated, by his superiors, to investigate things that go bump in the night . . . Lovecraftian things! The Read more

You’ve never meant a ghost hunter or demon slayer like John Thunstone. Defying the naysayers’ vision of a pale, basement-dwelling hobbyist, Thunstone is tall, broad shouldered, athletic, and handsome. He likes to spend his evenings in nightclubs, holding court and charming women.

But does he lack focus? No! Thunstone is also a serious scholar, deeply studied in the occult and dark arts, and carries a blade of silver inscribed with the motto, “Sic pereant omnes inimici tui” (“thus perish all your enemies”), forged by Saint Dunstan, patron saint of silversmiths, and one of the few men the Devil himself feared.

Thunstone’s battles with the darkest forces haunting our world are the greatest creation of Edgar-, World Fantasy-, and British Fantasy Award-winner Manly Wade Wellman (also the only dark fantasy author nominated for the Pulitzer Prize). //

You’ll accompany our imposing hero on four of his most chilling adventures in this, the first volume of this series, reprinting all 15 of his original, classic adventures from the pages of the 1940s Weird Tales

HE DECLARED A ONE-MAN WAR AGAINST THE SUPERNATURAL! // “Chilling!” Cedar Rapids Gazette //”Spooky!” Muncie Evening Press// Thrill to the adventures of John Thunstone, straight from the pages of the world’s greatest horror magazine—the legendary Weird Tales. //

THE HAIRY ONES SHALL DANCE (The Judge Pursuivant Trilogy Book 1)

THE HAIRY ONES SHALL DANCE (The Judge Pursuivant Trilogy Book 1)

“Manly Wade Wellman is a treasure that should not be missed … should be in the collection of everyone who loves pulp fiction in the “Weird Tales” style.” Goodreads
The first spellbinding novel in multi-fantasy award winner Manley Wade Wellman’s classic horror trilogy about Judge Hilary Pursuivant, the jurist so deeply seeped in the lore of deviltry and supernatural evil – that no one or thing, not even the most powerful of dark forces, can stand against him.
“Mr. Wellman’s Occult investigators are at the top of the genre. All of them would have felt right at home working side by side with either Karl Kolchak or Mulder-Scully. One has even worked with a certain Mr. Jules de Grandin.” Amazon review
Talbot Wills, a skeptic, gave up his career as a stage magician to study psychic phenomena – and once and for all prove or disprove its existence to himself. Learning this, his friend Doctor Otto Zoberg, an expert in occult subjects brings him to an isolated hamlet to attend a séance at the home of a spirit medium whose powers are legendary. There Talbot meets Susan Gird, an intelligent and likable young woman, and after an afternoon together finds himself attracted to her. The séance is held that night – and though everyone is handcuffed to someone else, a strange wolf-like shape moves in the dark. When Susan Gird’s father cries out some sort of accusation, the shape leaps upon him and slaughters him.
The town constable investigates and, since Wills is a magician and escape artist, arrests him for the crime. Later, while Talbot is locked in jail, an angry mob gathers to lynch him. With his knowledge of locks, Talbot breaks out his cell and in eluding his pursuers finds himself in the Devil’s Croft, a mysterious grove which most locals are afraid to approach. As he enters it, Wills falls, exhausted. What happens next shatters his skepticism for good.
Fleeing, Talbot meets Judge Pursuivant, a giant of a man both physically and mentally, and a man with an almost uncanny knowledge of the occult who promises to help him and Susan.

Cahena: A Dream of the Past

Cahena: A Dream of the Past

The brave and beautiful warrior queen known as the Cahena was believed to be a sorceress and prophetess. Her glorious reign over the Berbers in the seventh century was marked by passionate romance, stirring battles, and bold mystical deeds. The Cahena had the sensuality of Cleopatra, the wisdom of Catherine the Great, and the courage of Joan of Arc.

The Cahena led an army forty thousand strong, wielding javelins and scimitars, in a valiant struggle against the Mohammedan invaders who were fresh from their conquest of Carthage. At her side rode Wulf, the Saxon soldier. Wulf came to know the warrior queen like no one else before or after—for he was the one man who dared to love her.

Rich in historical detail and dramatic action, this is a story to rival the great war epics of all time. DMR Books is proud to bring Manly Wade Wellman’s final novel back into print after nearly thirty-five years.

John the Balladeer by Manly Wade Wellman

In John the Balladeer, Manly Wade Wellman created one of the great characters in all of horror and fantasy literature. Armed with his silver-stringed guitar and an endless trove of folk songs, John travels the backwoods of Appalachia, battling supernatural evil with his own brand of down-home charm and endless resourcefulness. In these tales, John wanders the Southern mountains, encountering hoodoo men and witch women, strange supernatural beasts, malevolent spirits, and even George Washington’s ghost.

Edited by horror legend Karl Edward Wagner, this volume contains the complete John the Balladeer stories in their original, unaltered form, as they first appeared in magazines and anthologies between 1951 and 1987. Also featured are a foreword by Wellman’s friend and literary executor David Drake and an introduction by Wagner.

“Just as J. R. R. Tolkien brilliantly created a modern British myth cycle, so did Manly Wade Wellman give to us an imaginary world of purely American fact, fantasy and song.” – Karl Edward Wagner

“This is the real thing-a book of haunting fantasies with their roots going down deep into the American folk tradition.” – Robert Silverberg