The Ascendant Wars: Hellfire

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The Ascendant Wars: Hellfire

When the rules of war keep changing, fight for each other…

Humanity has been banished to a distant star. Left to fight over resources rationed to them by mysterious machine-overlords known as Wardens.

Commander Rylan Holt labors against inter-colony arms trafficking when an informant gives him horrific news. The ruthless cartel boss, Lilith, has stockpiled outlawed weapons of mass destruction.

Worse, she claims to have permission from the Wardens to unleash them upon the system.

When the battleship Audacity speeds to investigate Rylan’s discovery, operations officer Scott Carrick finds himself in a trap more deadly than he could have ever imagined. His only hope of escape may lie with their most junior crewmember, a nurse named Aila Okuma, who’s never seen battle.

As Rylan, Scott, and Aila struggle to survive a war where the rules keep changing, they must answer a terrible question: how do they win when it seems the Wardens intend for everyone to lose?

Don’t miss the start of an explosive Military Sci-Fi series from USA Today Bestseller Rhett C. Bruno and M.B. Vance. With a unique spin on A.I. and humanity’s loss of control, it’s never been more relevant. Perfect for fans of The ExpanseBattlestar Galactica, and authors such as Marko Kloos, Rick Partlow, and Joshua Dalzelle.

“A modern-day mil-SF classic! This tale that will resonate with veterans and their loved ones, showing the true nature of service to your brothers and sisters in arms.”—Rick Partlow, author of the Drop Trooper Series