The Wondrous Adventures of the Domino Lady (original pulp stories)

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The Wondrous Adventures of the Domino Lady (original pulp stories)

Celebrated as one of the rare pioneering pulp heroines of the Great Depression

In 1936, a pulp writer going by the name of Lars created one of the few female heroines of the pulp era: the Domino Lady.

Motivated by the murder of her father, young socialite Ellen Patrick dons a silky evening gown, a domino mask, and a cloak, pursuing high-society criminals. Soon, she finds herself entangled in an elaborate political machination with only her wits, sensuous beauty, and an automatic gun loaded with a knockout serum, to save her life and administrate her personal view of justice…

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and there is a recent novel too available here

This version includes:
– a complete author bibliography
– Lars Anderson, the Author
– A restored version of the pulp original illustrations