Debt’s Pledge (Jefferson Odett Series Book 1)

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Debt's Pledge (Jefferson Odett Series Book 1)

He was a soldier without a war, alone and unwanted, until he discovered an alien enemy… Jefferson Odett found a skull on a blasted world on the edge of human space, just before the campaign against the rebel stationers was called off. A skull that was not human.

When the transport taking him home is attacked by a strange alien vessel, crewed by fearsome creatures, Odett barely manages to escape with his life.

Convinced the skull he found was from the same species as the aliens who attacked his transport, Odett believes they represent a deadly threat to humanity. The commanders of Earth’s military disagree and dismiss his claim. They send him to a remote outpost of a few hundred colonists. Saddled with a platoon of undisciplined and mostly green soldiers, Odett finds himself in an unenviable command on a backwater world.

But there is something else on this forgotten world — something frightening that he has encountered before. Odett and his platoon of green soldiers, hard cases and discipline problems are all that stand between the colonists and an alien army of unspeakable power who will kill any species that gets in their way.

Jack Mackenzie delivers the first in an action-packed Science Fiction adventure series. Watch for the second book, DEBT’S HONOR to be available in April of 2015!

Heralded by Blood and Other Tales

These are tales of the darkest fantasy.

“These are the literary spawn – bastards though some may be – of the stories that one would have read in the pages of Weird Tales, that venerated pulp magazine of the early part of the twentieth century. That pulp rag that birthed the stories of Robert E. Howard, August Derleth, Seabury Quinn, C. L. Moore, and many others.

These stories have percolated in those pages as well as through the fiction of Robert Bloch, Harlan Ellison, Fritz Leiber and Michael Moorcock. They have been steeped in heroic fantasy fiction, sword and sorcery, and outright horror.”

Jack Mackenzie’s tales of dark fantasy offer to tingle your spine, to fill you with the same old sense of blood and thunder of the sword-swinging tales in the best tradition of the grand old pulp magazines.