Swords of the Crags (Swords Of . . .)

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Swords of the Crags (Swords Of . . .)

words of the Crags includes three stories in tribute to Robert E. Howard’s fiction for the notorious pulp magazine Spicy-Adventure Stories in the 1930s. “Swords of the Crags” finds skullduggery north of the Khyber Pass, flavored with a dash of H.P. Lovecraft-type horror. “Alleys of Terror” traps an adventuress and her two-fisted rival in a web of crime and sensuality. “Witch of Snakebit Creek” shifts to a deadly murder conspiracy in the Texas backcountry. Plus two essays about Howard’s work for the Spicy magazine and the related Weird Menace market.

Fred Blosser is a recognized authority on Robert E. Howard and author of three preceding works of fiction powered by swords, six-guns, and sorcery: “Curse of the Crimson Talons,” “Swords of Havoc,” and “Swords of Gobi.”

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