Both Barrels of Monster Hunter Legends (Legends Of The Monster Hunter)

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Both Barrels of Monster Hunter Legends (Legends Of The Monster Hunter)

A twig snaps in the mist and you spin to face lantern eyes and slavering jaws. Most would panic, run, and within moments die. But not the monster hunter. Reflexes like coiled springs unleash with fury into the beast and the never-ending struggle between hunter and nightmare begins with blood…

Those were the words that launched the Legends of the Monster Hunter series years ago, and now the first two volumes (Leather, Denim & Silver and The Trigger Reflex) are available in this special edition omnibus, featuring 47 stories of monster hunting and launching the next generation of Legends of the Monster Hunter volumes,

Use Enough Gun, Blood Trails and Doomsday. Divided into four sections beginning with The Werewolf Hunters and following with The Vampire Hunters, The Spirit Hunters and The Monster Hunters, these adventures take us on hunts through misty forests, foggy streets, old west deserts and snow covered peaks and describe almost every monster in the book, some expected, and some not.

Creatures will die. Hunters will die. But no one will go without a fight.

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