Earth Legions: Gold Squad: A Military Sci-Fi Series

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Earth Legions: Gold Squad: A Military Sci-Fi Series

For most on Earth the war was over. For him, it’s just beginning…

Jake Adlar’s goals in life were simple—possibly nonexistent. All he wanted was to fly a desk. Hence, he’d joined the Space Force, the service with the most extensive array of Earth-side clerical specialties.

All he needed to make him happy was an office, a computer, his favorite coffee mug, and a never-ending pile of requisitions.

Then a pretty woman came along. Perhaps a drink or ten. Next thing Jake knew, he’s shipped off to the Legions, doomed to fight in the seemingly endless war raging throughout the galaxy.

Now, survival tops the chart. Except that isn’t so easy to do in the Legions, where everyone’s a killer, officers are as merciless as the enemy, and dark schemes and secrets brood within the ranks.

Don’t miss the start of this action-packed Military Sci-Fi series from debut M.V. Viltch. Perfect for fans of Joshua Dalzelle, Rick Partlow and Marko Kloos.

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