The Black Beast of Ipswich: Sherlock Holmes & Carnacki

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With the beast came the murders. With the murders came the fear. It stalks the foggy streets, dark alleys, and deserted quays. It glowers in the dark corners of public houses. And it bides patiently at cold hearthsides. Some claim it to be none other than Black Shuck, the legendary harbinger of ill-fortune and death. Consulting detective Sherlock Holmes has his own hypothesis, believing the murders to be the work of a monomaniac—a madman with a singular and deadly obsession. But when he and Dr. Watson witness what seems to be the impossible, they enlist the aid of occult detective Thomas Carnacki. Together they pursue the beast through the town’s dark streets and surrounding woods. But even with their skills combined, how can they hope to fight an entity able to possess the minds and bodies of the very people they’re trying to protect?

A tale of mystery, horror, and adventure from the lost files of Dr. John H. Watson.

The Carnacki Casebook

The Carnacki Casebook

Volume 1 of The Carnacki Casebook is a collection featuring three cases: The Haunting of Halton Grange, The Barton Wood Mystery, and The Secret in the Library.

The Haunting of Halton Grange: The staff of Halton Grange, a property in Dorset just south of the tranquil village of Corscombe, discover a mysterious hallway in the manor that had not been known of before. Dark and distorted, they daren’t enter. Lord Halton and Carlisle, the butler, brace themselves and venture inside. They find a part of the manor they’d thought had been torn down decades previously, and had contained the rooms of Lord Halton’s Great-uncle Colin: A skeleton in the Halton family closet with an evil reputation, including accusations of murder and dark magic. Making their way to the ancient bed chamber, they encounter a creature that had once been Lord Halton’s Great-uncle, and they barely escape with their lives. Realizing their dire need, Lord Halton contacts occult detective Thomas Carnacki, who enters the dark world himself and uncovers an even greater evil haunting Halton Grange. Part I of The Black Obelisk, a continuing series.