Blood on the Risers: A novel of Conflict and Survival in Special Forces during the Vietnam War

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This artfully crafted saga depicts in vivid detail, the arduous journey of a young, impressionable patriot yearning to fulfill his destiny in the turmoil of the 1960’s. The author draws you close to him as he encounters stiff challenges to his basic values, his character, as well as his faith in his fellow man.

You’ll taste the bitter prop blast as you stand in the open door beside him, holding your breath while he soars through the icy sky to the mountainous drop zone below. Discover the true nature of this Nation’s most valiant fighting men as he progressively learns what it takes to lead Green Berets into battle. Share the distinct smell of death while he clutches on to the remnants of his tattered soul, constantly violated while he processes the tragedy of life unfolding before him. Witness the sheer resolve he and his men display in their commitment to their country, despite the disrespect and utter contempt shown to them by their own countrymen.

This factual rendering allows you to eavesdrop on the innermost workings of a Special Forces A-Team as they train and ultimately prepare for battle. You’ll be sprinting with a SOG Recon Team as they desperately work to elude the hordes of NVA soldiers, feeling the impact of explosions and the crackling of rifle fire along the way. This read will provide you with a renewed appreciation of what men endure when they make the commitment to defend their country and their way of life; despite the intimate danger and life-long consequences that accompany that decision.