Necrotech (SINless Book 1)

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Necrotech (SINless Book 1)

K. C. Alexander begins their SINless duology with a novel hailed by New York Times bestselling author Chuck Wendig as “sci-fi that’s slick, sharp and snarky…”

A filthy city, overpopulated and underregulated, with even less mercy than a rusted pipe to the eye.

For the saints that run it, it’s called home.

Anybody with the right cred can score an upgrade, it’s just a matter of who, what and how much. Good tech, bad tech, big tech, micro tech, it’s all out for grabs. For mercs like Riko, installs give an edge every street fight, every corp raid, and every job demands. She and her team have earned their cred, carved out a patch of hell and live it up. That’s where Riko lives.

Or she did. Until she wakes up in a laboratory, memory shot, body wrecked and tech on the blink. Maybe she slammed too many party favors in some lowlife bar. Maybe she made some bad choices to get there. None of that explains why she finds her girlfriend in the same facility—body going necro and tech on a killing streak. Caught between horror in front and bullets behind, she’s got no choice but to get out alone. And that’s only the beginning.

Now Riko’s dealing with friends on the take, corporations on her ass, and enough rage to burn a soulless city to the ground if that’s what it takes. She’s fighting a war to tear off the scabs of a conspiracy that’ll consume anybody that gets near it—chrome and steel, sinner and saint. Just like it’s consumed her girlfriend. But rage is a hell of a drug, and she’s going to do more than just fight.

She’s going to slaughter…

Praise for NECROTECH:

“NECROTECH crushes everything in its path. Brutal, unapologetic, sexy cyberpunk, it is a steel-fisted punch in the mouth.” — Scott Sigler, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Generations trilogy

“Vulgar, vicious, and very very good! Alexander pulls no punches in this intense debut.” — Jason M. HoughNew York Times bestselling author of Zero World

“NECROTECH bleeds with raw & unapologetic badassery. Riko is the cyberpunk heroine I’ve been waiting for, struggling with the truth that the tech we embrace to solve our problems just creates new ones, and no one has a chipset to fix humanity’s bugs. K. C. Alexander dials up the attitude, anguish, and adrenaline in this explosive debut, and I’m looking forward to Riko’s next run.” — Kevin HearneNew York Times bestselling author of The Iron Druid Chronicles