The Devil Walks In Blood: Nick Holleran Urban Fantasy

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The Devil Walks In Blood: Nick Holleran Urban Fantasy

Hell is real. We’re all living it.

Nick Holleran learned that truth the hard way the day he took three bullets to the chest and bled out in an alleyway. Only death didn’t stick, and it’s been five long years working among the ghosts and monsters, demons and fallen angels, hoping that next time he’ll make it to heaven. But things are never that simple, are they?

After a night from Hell, private investigator Nick Holleran finds himself face to face with Diana, the mystery ghost from his office, and a job that he can’t say no to. With unseen evils on his heels, and a dead girl at his side, Nick uncovers horrific truths that put him at odds with the Haven Police Department, and even closer to death than ever before.

Nick will soon realize the Devil isn’t the only one that walks in blood.

“Holleran series is an immensely enjoyable and piercingly clever read that will keep you hooked and asking for more.” – Pan Reviews