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the Reluctant Vampire…

Is Jonathan Stoker a descendant of Bram Stoker, the author of vampire
novel, ‘Dracula’? He neither knows nor cares. What matters is that a powerful vampire
thought it would be a great joke to turn a man with that name.
Years later, Stoker lives on as the reluctant vampire, only emerging from the dark
shadows to suck nonlethal quantities of blood from helpless drunks. He’s on the
run from vampire kind, and hiding from his own mortal son who believes him
Each vampire has a unique ability based upon how they lived their mortal life.
Stoker smoked cigars and now he can hold his breath for an exceptionally long
time. Big deal! Scared and ashamed, he keeps to the shadows.
But he isn’t useless; nor are his powers as weak as he thinks. Stoker is part of a
prophecy and that prophecy is about to come true at the VampCon…
VampCon: a murderous congregation…When Stoker is visited by the blind vampire sorceress, Ariel Lockhart, his days of
isolation are over. Ariel  summons  him to the VampCon in Boston, a high stakes meeting
of the most powerful vamps in America. Powerful factions are studying  ancient myths and unlocking the key to the
creation of vampire kind… and to their ultimate destruction.
VampCon — it’s a cut-throat summit, a power struggle, a
murderous congregation set up by an insane vampire leader who must be obeyed.
VampCon — is where Stoker begins to learn his destiny, and the
true nature of his unique vampire power.
VampCon —  it’s a trap!
— no one in; no one out. It’s filled with bloodthirsty vampires and one mortal
— Stoker’s son.
Can Stoker, Lockhart, and a small band of troublemakers defy fate and prevent a
nightmare from coming true? It doesn’t seem likely, but Stoker’s little band
are the world’s only hope.

If you’re tired of Twilight fan fiction and second-rate Anne Rice copyists, read
VampCon for the very best of original dark urban fantasy.