Team Yankee: A Novel of World War III

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During the second half of the Twentieth Century, East and West stood on the brink of war. No where was this more evident then in Central Germany, where ten thousand tanks belonging to NATO stood ready to resist a ground attack spearheaded by forty thousand Warsaw Pact tanks. It was a war that never was. But what if it had? How would the opening days of World War III played out?

Team Yankee, the New York Times best seller by Harold Coyle, presents a glimpse of what it would have been like for the soldiers who would have had to meet the relentless onslaught of Soviet and Warsaw Pact divisions. Using the geo-political and military scenarios described by General Sir John Hackett, former NORTHAG commander and author of ‘World War Three; August 1985’, Team Yankee follows the war as seen from the turret of Captain Sean Bannon’s tank.

Through Bannon’s eyes, and those of the men belonging to his tank heavy combat team, the reader lives through the first fourteen days of World War III. The action is vivid and exciting, the tension palpable. Defeat and death are as close as victory.

Set during the World War III scenario created by the british General  Sir John Hackett for the novel The Third World War: The Untold Story

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