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The Tavern Knightby Rafael Sabatini

This is a story about a man's quest for vengeance against two wealthy, snobbish, upper class individuals who'd caused him grief and anguish many years ago. But, when his "best laid plans" went awry, he found himself in one predicament Read more

1610: A Sundial In A Grave

The year is 1610. Continental Europe is briefly at peace after years of war, but Henri IV of France is planning to invade the German principalities. In England, only five years earlier, conspirators nearly succeeded in blowing up King James Read more


Scaramouche: A Romance of the French Revolution by Rafael Sabatini is a historical novel set during the tumultuous period of the French Revolution.

The story follows the adventures of André-Louis Moreau, a young lawyer and fencing master. After a personal tragedy, André-Louis becomes embroiled in the revolutionary fervor and assumes the identity of Scaramouche, a roguish and quick-witted character.

As he navigates the political upheavals of the time, André-Louis becomes a key player in the revolutionary events, encountering love, betrayal, and the complexities of justice.

The novel skillfully blends historical events with swashbuckling action, providing a thrilling and engaging tale against the backdrop of one of history’s most dramatic periods.

sequel : Scaramouche the King-Maker

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