Messenger of Zhuvastou

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In a future where the people of Earth have managed to somewhat unite under hegemonic governments, the universe has at last been explored and discovered.

Earth-born playboy Moris Keniston arrives in customs, wanting to go surface-side of the mysterious and hostile planet Sovold. Galactic rules dictate that he may not disturb the burgeoning culture, and therefore undergoes a physical transformation to match the one of the peoples on the planet.

With shaved head and skin dyed beige, he dons the green tunic of a Messenger of Zhuvastou, known as Zhogs – a knight to the people of this world – giving him almost free reign to pursue his mission.

He is hunting the beautiful Elaine Dixon, who has fled to this primitive planet for reasons unknown.

Though Keniston is the son of a Galactic Senator, an athlete of interplanetary reknown, and survivor of a historic starship disaster, he finds himself wholly unprepared for life on Sovold.

Only his athlete’s reflexes and history of fencing save him at first. However, in his quest to pursue Elaine, he meets companions that help him grow into the man he is meant to be – and finds his true purpose along the way.

Messenger of Zhuvastou is a roaring adventure in new cultures and brotherly bonding that is sure to satisfy any sci-fi enthusiast.

Praise for Andrew J Offutt:

“Great entertainment of epic scope” – Poul Anderson

“One of the major players from the sword and sorcery boom from the 70s” – Adventures Fantastic

“Offers a new dimension in heroic fantasy.” – Jerry Pournelle

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