Harry Kenmare, PI – At Your Service

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PI Harry Kenmare loves gorgeous women, fine wine, and Irish whiskey. And he loves to see justice done. He’s old school: results matter, methods don’t, and political correctness can go to hell, along with the corrupt Establishment.

The seven stories collected here have Harry doing what he does best and telling it to you himself, as he goes hard, very hard, at work and at play.

In these PI cases, Harry gets down and dirty across Sydney society, from the supposedly respectable to the openly seedy. He mixes it up with an obscenely colourful cast of characters: bikies, druggies, sensational strippers, corrupt cops, triads, and even a paedophilic politician, to name a few. Harry takes on the city, dishing out his loving, his hatred, and a truckload of brutal karma.

Dark, debauched, and disturbing, Harry Kenmare’s world is a high-octane thrill ride for hard-core crime fiction addicts. But you’ll need to buckle up and bite down. Only readers with cast-iron fortitude need apply!

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