Downward Cycle: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller (Catalyst Book 1)

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Published: 2016-06-22
Life in a remote oceanfront town spirals downward after a massive solar flare causes a global blackout. But the loss of electrical power is just the first of the problems facing the survivors. In the chaos, that follows. This is how the world ends.

In the first five minutes over a million people will die… that’s just the beginning of the nightmare.
The super solar-storm wasn’t supposed to hit Earth–the odds were against it. And yet it did, and everything changed. The storm causes a global blackout. Society begins to come apart as the planes begin falling from the sky and all traces of normal vanish. Scott Montgomery watches helplessly as pandemonium consumes the world around him. But the loss of electrical power is just the first of the problems facing the survivors in the chaos that follows.

Tired of the usual post-apocalyptic story? Welcome to your new addiction. An epic action-thriller from Bestselling Author JK Franks

A Dying World…
Humanity On The Brink…
New Threats Emerge…

America faces a full-scale collapse— This gritty, edge-of-your-seat post-apocalyptic adventure chronicles the harrowing journey of ordinary people trapped in an encroaching dark age. With food and supplies in short supply following a massive solar storm, Scott Montgomery and his small group of survivors venture out to protect their town, looking for anything they can scavenge to survive.

When they come upon a new enemy while trying to save Scott’s niece. They realize the country has fallen under the control of a ruthless new power. One with superior numbers and strength and a ruthless plan for the planet. It’s kill or be killed in this non-stop action adventure centered around a small coastal town, as the survivors of a rapidly dying world struggle to stay alive.
The Catalyst Series is a classic tale of survival and good versus evil, except you may not know which side is which until the very end.

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