Doom of the Dark Delta: A SNAKEHAVEN NOVELLA (The Snakehaven Series Book 1)

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Doom of the Dark Delta: A SNAKEHAVEN NOVELLA (The Snakehaven Series Book 1)

Washed ashore on a jungle-choked island in the delta at the mouth of the great Jehannamun River, Jorras Trevayle has survived an attack by pirates only to find himself in a desperate race to rescue a beautiful young woman from the sinister plans of an evil sorcerer and save himself from becoming the prey of a Nloka Maccumba—one of the giant serpents raised by the inhabitants of this bizarre, perilous land.

DOOM OF THE DARK DELTA is the first novella in the Snakehaven series from bestselling author James Reasoner. Part sword and sorcery, part alternate history, and all action and adventure, it’s a thrilling tale that begins a saga of epic scope. And it all begins here in DOOM OF THE DARK DELTA!

For almost half a century, James Reasoner has been one of the most acclaimed and prolific authors of mysteries, thrillers, historical novels, and Westerns. His books have appeared on the bestseller lists of The New York Times, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly. Also, as a longtime reader and scholar of sword and sorcery fiction, he has written numerous articles, essays, and introductions about the work of the genre’s creator, Robert E. Howard, and other sword and sorcery authors.

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