Dark Universe

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The Darkening: A post apocalyptic horror novel

Don’t fear the dark. Fear the light. The end came when light changed. It decimated humanity, leaving scattered bands of survivors stumbling in the dark. Faced with saving himself or his family during the apocalypse, John Piscus made the wrong Read more

Cthulhu Armageddon

“Under an alien sky where gods of eldritch matter rule, the only truth is revenge.” CTHULHU ARMAGEDDON is the story of a world 100 years past the rise of the Old Ones which has been reduced to a giant monster-filled Read more

The classic tale of a post-apocalyptic world where humans have built a society in the dark underground. The descendents of the survivors only remember the pre-apocalyptic world in old stories, legends and myths. ***

Light, itself, is remembered as something holy, and Radiation is feared as the ultimate evil. ***

Jared is the son of the Prime Survivor, the leader of the Lower Level Clan. In a world of darkness and monsters both real and imagined, Jared embarks on a quest for Light. Little does he know just how dangerous his quest will turn out to be.

Nominated for the Hugo Award ***

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