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New Conan novel announced Conan: Cult of the Obsidian Moon

James Lovegrove the author who previously wrote the firefly tie-in serie as well as the lovecraftian Sherlock Holmes story The Cthulhu Casebooks has announced that he is working on a new Conan adventure.

The book will be a big novel at 512 pages and will be part of the Black Stone event currently being told in the new comic book serie by Jim Zub Conan The Barbarian : Bound in Black Stone
However knowledge of the comics storyline will only give readers some nice Easter eggs without being essential

There is a lot of new Conan related things coming of late with the recent Heroic legends collection of short stories,
and the follow-up to Conan and the Emerald Lotus coming in june

In 2022 there was also Conan – Blood of the Serpent another 500 pages novel by S. M. Stirling

And if you want something else about everyone favorite barbarian i’ve made a post with all the conan novels by Howard and other authors available on kindle.

You can pre order Conan: Cult of the Obsidian Moon here

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