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2 New Sword and Sorcery novels this month ( May 2024)

One novel and a novella actually :

The first is the second book in the Scaleborn serie by John R. Fultz and come with a gorgeous cover and according to the author each book is a new entry point :

Times Never Change ;

Long ago Lord Huto abandoned the City of Masters to live as a hermit atop a nameless mountain. Casting aside his royal lineage, he also abandoned his mastery of sorcery, leaving his brother to rule as Emperor of Yhorom. Yet Huto could not abandon the Thousand Year Bond that extends his natural life by ten centuries. Now, some 350 years later, an emissary from the great city brings news that Huto’s brother has been murdered. The chief suspect for this crime is the Emperor’s own wife, whose sorcery rivalled that of her husband. Huto doesn’t give a damn about politics, but he comes down from his lonely mountain for one reason: to expose and destroy his brother’s killer. However, it’s a long way back to Yhorom, and dark forces conspire to ensure that the hermit-prince never makes it home alive.

When rampaging soldiers destroy a small northern village, Umi loses her mother and her people in a single day. She flees into the depths of the Mossback Forest, where dangers and wonders abound. Adopted by a pack of wild forest spirits, she learns the secrets of earth magic, as well as how to track and kill those who despoil the forest. One day she will leave behind the wilderness and its vengeful spirits to walk the Dragon Road, which carries her all the way to ancient Yhorom, where the Old Masters rule by the twin virtues of steel and sorcery.

The hermit prince and the daughter of spirits are destined to meet…but will it be as allies or enemies?

The answer to this question will change the course of history.

And the novella is the first print project (not available on kindle) of the online magazine Whetstone. It is the first in what they hope will be a series of experimental sword and sorcery novellas titled Keen Blades.

Wrote by Matt Holder who previously published a tale in the sixth issue of Old Moon Quarterly

Hurled Headlong Flaming :

Hurled Headlong Flaming: The Bishop’s Tale is a dark fantasy novella by Matt Holder that follows a priest on a perilous quest to a hellish underworld to retrieve an ancient manuscript he believes can help prevent the apocalypse. Drawing from influences like Dante, Milton, and Robert E. Howard, and Lovecraftian dream-quest literature.

This bizarre tale sees the Bishop descend through a hidden city, forced to engage in infernal dialogues and navigate labyrinthine streets while pursued by demonic creatures. Grappling with questions of faith, truth, and the brutality of the Crusades, the Bishop’s harrowing journey examines the violence that often accompanies meaning-making in a world that resists interpretation. This first entry in the Keen Blades series from Spiral Tower Press aims to expand the boundaries of what sword and sorcery can be.

For more Sword and Sorcery don’t forget to check the library. I regularly add new stuff (also as i said in a previous post i’m aware some covers are missing, amazon messed with something and now i must get back all of them to stock them locally…and with more than 1500 it will take 2-3 weeks)

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