The Treasure of the Bucoleon

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“The Treasure of the Bucoleon” is an exhilarating historical adventure novel by Arthur D. Howden Smith. Set in the vibrant city of Constantinople during the Byzantine Empire, the story follows the journey of Captain Robert St. John as he embarks on a perilous quest to uncover the legendary treasure of the Bucoleon Palace.

As St. John delves into the secrets of the past, he encounters treacherous allies, formidable enemies, and a captivating love interest. With vivid descriptions of the bustling streets, opulent palaces, and treacherous alleys of Constantinople, Smith transports readers to a bygone era filled with intrigue, betrayal, and hidden riches.

“The Treasure of the Bucoleon” combines elements of history, mystery, and romance, painting a vivid picture of life in the Byzantine Empire. Smith’s masterful storytelling and meticulous attention to historical detail make this novel a thrilling and immersive read that will captivate fans of adventure and historical fiction.

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