The Darkslayer: A Sword and Sorcery Epic Saga (The Complete Series)

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The Darkslayer: A Sword and Sorcery Epic Saga (The Complete Series)

They want him dead, but he won’t die.

When left for dead, an aging warrior named Venir rises again to roam the Outlands, protecting helpless denizens from a bloodthirsty magic-wielding subterranean race set on world domination. Led by two omnipotent wizards, the insidious underlings gather an invincible army of slayers called the Badoon to destroy the scourge Venir has become.

Seeking refuge in the City of Bone from a battle torn campaign, Venir’s visit is short lived after he crosses the diabolical ruling class of Royals who put a price on his head. Forced back into the hostile Outlands ruled by Jarla, a former ally turned enemy, he finds himself up against her savage brigand army that will stop at nothing to bring him down.

With enemies closing in from all directions, Venir, a rogue named Melegal, and their battle-weary companions must fight through an endless cycle of backstabbing assassins, fiendish monsters, treacherous terrain, bloody skirmishes, and waves of lies and deceit. Or see their home descend into total chaos and devastation as well as the obliteration of mankind.

The Darkslayer Series is an epic sword and sorcery slugfest adventure set in a world where the powers-that-be play with the lives of the unsuspecting inhabitants.

Fans of Frizt Leiber’s Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, David Gemmell’s Druss the Legend, the Witcher, Raymond E. Feist’s Pug the Wizard, Robert E. Howard’s Conan or R.A. Salvatore’s-Drizzt Do’ Urden, delight in The Darkslayer series. Perhaps you will as well.

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