Escaping Fate (Paradox Book 1)

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Escaping Fate (Paradox Book 1)

Fate is a harsh mistress, and she had Pete Bedauern’s number. Marooned in the desolation of a decrepit trailer park, his life a monotonous echo of neglect under the care of a narcissistic single mother, his future looked so dark, he couldn’t wear shades. But the explosive arrival of Uncle Si, a figure as enigmatic as he is transformative, knocked Fate senseless and rewrote Pete’s future.

Now, Pete is going to need shades.

Uncle Si, marked by life’s brutal trials with scars both visible and hidden, is a force to be reckoned with. He is unapologetically raw–a man who’s tasted life’s extremes, from the depths of despair to the euphoric rush of beating the odds, and escaping Fate’s machinations to fight another day. Beneath his gruff exterior and shrouded past, he harbors a profound interest in Pete, offering the paternal attention Pete has long been lacking. Through Uncle Si’s guidance, Pete embarks on a profound masterclass on life, love, and full-contact sports.

But Uncle Si is more than just a mentor with worldly possessions and wisdom. He guards a preposterous secret: his clandestine outlaw empire across time and space. Pete steps into the realm of the impossible, catapulted into a time-traveling odyssey toward much more than just manhood. As Pete navigates a labyrinth of alternate realities, he will unravel history’s hidden truths, confront a sinister pan-continuum conspiracy, vie for a world championship, decipher the elusive art of success with women, and even save the world.

Well, one world, maybe…

Read Escaping Fate and plunge through this gateway into time travel men’s fiction!

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