Hall of Bones (The Brotherhood of the Eagle)

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Hall of Bones (The Brotherhood of the Eagle)


“A fantasy novel done right should read like Hall of Bones … this novel brims and oozes with all that good stuff you want to sink your reading eyes into.” – Scarlett Readz & Runz Book Reviews

“Hall of Bones is a strong debut by an author who should absolutely be on your radar. I can’t wait to see where he takes me next.” – Sarah Chorn, author of Seraphina’s Lament and Of Honey and Wildfires

“… a rich, emotional, and gritty novel … Hall of Bones will remind you vividly of the stories you grew up reading while bringing in a fresh perspective to the genre.” – Under The Radar SFF Books

“If you enjoy stories like ‘Game of Thrones’, where there are many careful political intrigues, you will undoubtedly enjoy this book … ‘Hall of Bones’ is a strong debut, and I’ll be waiting for the sequel” – Kamila Reads Book Blog

In the remote land of Laskar the seven ruling clans have vied with each other for power for over a century. The son of the Reavesburg Clan Chief, Rothgar, has been groomed all his life for a role supporting his elder brother, Jorik, in leading their kingdom when their father’s time finally comes to an end.

However, the rulers of their greatest rivals, the Vorund Clan, are in the grip of something older and far darker. They have been conquered by evil, a remnant from the time when the gods warred with one another and the world of Amuran collapsed into the Fallen Age.

Everything is about to change …

The first book in The Brotherhood of the Eagle series, Hall of Bones begins a tale of epic fantasy, magic and intrigue.