Alien Horrors

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In the deepest, darkest depths of space, the stars are cold, malevolent eyes looking across a vast graveyard of the unknown, the unnameable, and the undead. Here the planets are tombs and the moons haunted catacombs. And here are extraterrestrial nightmares beyond imagining. There is no benevolent first contact. No utopian worlds. Only alien horrors.

Some of the stories included in Alien Horrors:

Flypaper – An expeditionary team is trapped inside an alien machine that offers them anything they want at a terrible price.
City of Frozen Shadows – The last living man on Earth hides in a gutted city, hunted by alien exterminators.
The Black Ocean – Astronauts adrift in a misty alien ocean are attacked by a gigantic predator.
Charnel World – Mercenaries track the most lethal life form in the galaxy in the green hell of the planet Xenos.
Migration – A mining camp is directly in the path of a migrating alien hive.
Stowaway -The crew of a starship is stalked by a shapeshifting alien bloodsucker.

World War Cthulhu: A Collection of Lovecraftian War Stories

The world is at war against things that slink and gibber in the darkness, and titans that stride from world to world, sewing madness and death. War has existed in one form or another since the dawn of human civilization, and before then, Elder terrors battled it out across this planet and this known universe in ways unimaginable.

It has always been a losing battle for our side since time began. Incidents like the Innsmouth raid, chronicled by H.P. Lovecraft, mere blips of victory against an insurmountable foe. Still we fight, against these incredible odds, in an unending nightmare, we fight, and why? For victory, for land, for a political ideal? No, mankind fights for survival.

Our authors, John Shirley, Mark Rainey, Wilum Pugmire, William Meikle, Tim Curran, Jeffrey Thomas and many others have gathered here to share war stories from the eternal struggle against the darkness. This book chronicles these desperate battles from across the ages, including Roman Britain, The American Civil War, World War Two, The Vietnam Conflict, and even into the far future.

The Sunken City

At the bottom of a prehistoric lake in Antarctica there is a city old as time, a relic of an alien pre-human intelligence. Somewhere, deep in its ancient labyrinthine depths, there is an ever-increasing source of power of incalculable menace.
Now an elite team of Navy divers is going down to investigate it, and what they find is a nightmare beyond imagining.
The city is not dead.
As it wakes from its deathless slumber of countless millions of years, so does the race that built it, unleashing a deadly force that will harvest the human race like cattle.
Trapped beneath the ice, haunted by the city, its inhabitants, and the monsters spawned from their own fragile psyches, the divers have only one chance to destroy it before it rises to engulf the world of men.
The clock is ticking.
And the city’s black heart is beating

Dead Sea

Journey into a place of unknown humanity. a space between spaces where sea monsters, ghosts ships, and the undead dwell!
From the author of ALIEN HORRORS and HIVE comes DEAD SEA, a nightmarish Lovecraftian journey. When The Mara Corday, an aged freighter, enters the Graveyard of the Atlantic, nightmares becomes real. The crew finds themselves trapped in a realm where time doesn’t exist and unimaginable horrors dwell. Lost in a becalmed sea, in a netherworld where evil manifests itself in hideous forms, the survivors of the Mara Corday have an eternity to find a way out – if they aren’t killed first by the creatures stalking them.

Hive by Tim Curran

Nothing stays buried forever at the Pole.
In the frozen wastes of Antarctica, a research team discovers the frozen remains of an alien race in a mountain cave. They are dead, but not dead enough.
At the bottom of a sub-glacial lake beneath the ice cap, a prehistoric city dating from antiquity is found. And what has waited there for hundreds of millions of years, has been awakened.
These two events are the catalyst in an ancient conspiracy that will culminate in the extinction of the human race.
Evil has waited forever.
But it waits no more.

Skull Moon

Montana Territory, 1878.

Wolf Creek is under siege by a vicious, flesh-eating evil that stalks the night, leaving dismembered and devoured corpses in its wake. It is unknown, unseen, and unstoppable.

Enter Joseph Longtree, deputy U.S. Marshal. He knows there is a rhyme and reason behind the killings, but to discover the truth will mean penetrating local superstition, corruption, and vice, which will ultimately bring him face to face with a monstrosity out of Native American folklore.