Skallagrim – In the Vales Of Pagarna

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Skallagrim - In the Vales Of Pagarna
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“And those monsters saw not a young man with a sword but a scarred and screaming horror with the rising red doom of the sun at his back and a hellishly shrieking, flashing, living sword in his hands.”

Skallagrim wakes in the middle of a fight for his life with only the vaguest idea of who he is. Facing an angry mob of murderous cutthroats, he watches helplessly while the love of his life is abducted before his eyes. Finally, with a crushing sense of despair, he realizes he’s going to die without even knowing her name.

But he doesn’t die.

To find the girl and take his revenge upon the fiend who took her, Skallagrim, wounded and exhausted, must endure a journey like no other. He’ll face madmen, ghouls, tentacled horrors, and witches, both foul and fair, as he races toward a final showdown that will have readers on the edge of their seats.

An awe-inspiring tale of adventure, triumph, and tragedy, set in a brutal, unforgiving wilderness and packed with heart-stopping action, Skallagrim – In The Vales Of Pagarna marks the first installment of an outstanding new series.

“Stephen R. Babb ranks along with names like Stephen Lawhead or Jeffrey Overstreet. Excellence from beginning to end!” Grandfather Rock – WCWP New York.

“Filled with bloody action, fantastic settings, pithy dialogue, and unforgettable characters, Skallagrim is a bold success from beginning to end.” Bradley J. Birzer – Author of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Sanctifying Myth

“Babb describes the horrors of Skallagrim’s nightmarish encounters vividly, every parry and thrust, every horrifying contact with monstrous flesh, every misstep into putrid slime. The dangers and unpleasantness of this barbarian landscape are made viscerally real, pulling the reader deeper and deeper into the tale.” Bert Saraco – The Phantom Tollbooth