Chevalier: War Horses

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Chevalier: War Horses

Embark on an interstellar adventure with the award winning War Horses series

Life as a mechanic won’t make you famous, but at least no one shoots at you. That’s what Vandal, a young veteran maintainer of the Autumn Chevaliers, thought until he found himself fighting for his life during what should have been a routine maintenance patrol. Under fire and trapped inside the company colonel’s aging upright tank, Vandal uses his knowledge of the giant walking war machines to fend off would-be assassins and help his comrades evacuate to a central stronghold at the planetary capital. .

Bruised, battered, and barely standing, Vandal reluctantly returns to the cockpit so he can bolster the ranks of a depleted and desperate defense force while powerful foes press in on all sides. As he and his fellow Chevaliers attempt to hold back the flood of turncoats, spearheaded by a legendary cadre of off-world mercenaries, Vandal must learn to master the fickle and deadly upright tanks if he hopes to survive the coming battles. And in doing so, discover that there’s more to life than a maintenance bay.