Echoes Through Distant Glass: A Near Future Cyberpunk Drama (Beyond Cascadia Book 1)

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Echoes Through Distant Glass: A Near Future Cyberpunk Drama (Beyond Cascadia Book 1)
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When cyber security defender Owen Dylan MacIntyre is forced from behind his computer screen to investigate a potential terror threat to the Pacific Northwest, he gets more than he bargains for when he crosses paths with the unpredictable and tragic figure of Tomás Chen-Diaz and the latter’s brother, the enigmatic Francisco.

A wealthy global plutocrat, Francisco is also a brilliant amateur biotech scientist who has many powerful associates and a few dark family secrets—-secrets he’s ready to kill to keep hidden.

Drawn into Chen-Diaz’ web of international conspiracies, MacIntyre finds his skills tested to the limit as he’s trapped in a world where science and technology invade the most sacred realms of the human heart and soul…a world where he’ll confront some uncomfortable truths about himself…

...if he survives.

Book One of the Beyond Cascadia series, Echoes Through Distant Glass deftly weaves timeless themes of humanity and a range of relevant geo-political and bioethics issues into a memorable cyberpunk techno thriller drama. The vivid prose, haunting imagery and unforgettable characters will linger with the reader long after the thought-provoking and emotional conclusion.