Lords of Dyscrasia (Dyscrasia Fiction Book 1)

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Lords of Dyscrasia (Dyscrasia Fiction Book 1)

Blackgate Magazine raves: “Lindberg is the real deal, a gifted writer with a strong command of language, and a soaring talent that stretches beyond the verbal: he illustrates his novel with his own wild and weird and excellent drawings. If you like action-packed dark fantasy with bizarre settings, an original premise and clever twist, then add this one to your Must Read List.” – Joe Bonadonna, Black Gate contributor and Author, 2015

Foreword Reviews: 5/5 Stars “…highly recommended, though not for the faint of heart…Outside of the works of Poe and Lovecraft, there are few, if any, novels comparable to this one. It has a bardic tone, as if it was a tale told over many nights. Beowulf comes to mind both for its epic quality and bloody action….the pace is nearly breathless…””…makes the majority of current popular fantasy fiction read like recipes…” Janine Stinson 2011

Lords of Dyscrasia explores the choices humans and their gods make as a disease corrupts their souls, shared blood and creative energies. Historically, dyscrasia referred to any imbalance of the four medicinal humors professed by the ancient Greeks to sustain life. Lords of Dyscrasia presents them as spiritual muses for artisans, sources of magical power, and contagions of a deadly disease.

Back cover: Dyscrasia plagues the insectan elders of the Underworld. Desperate to save them from extinction, the golem Doctor Grave infuses the soul of his dying Queen into the blood of a human artisan, Lord Ante Lysis. Her soul passes through Ante’s blood into his offspring, thus the Lysis bloodline carries the diseased Queen’s soul as the Doctor perfects the necromancy needed to resurrect her. But the last descendant of Ante is determined quench the Queen’s soul, and journeys to the Underworld to do so…