Star Commandos (Star Commandos Book 1)

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Star Commandos
Published: 1986

Armed for Justice. Trained to Kill. They Were the Planet’s Only Hope. . . .

The Amonites: Innocent colonists eager to escape their impoverished homeworld and begin a new life on the unspoiled planet Vishnu. Colonists’ zeal and spacers’ greed have led them to a planet unexplored and untested. No one knows what malevolent life it may harbor. If trouble strikes, the Amonites will be alone, with no allies in sight.

Enter Commando—Colonel Islaen Connor: Beautiful. Intelligent. Deadly. She cut her teeth on a galactic war and has pledged to clean up the human filth left in its wake. Under deep cover and with death close on her heels, she digs for evidence to put away those who led the Amonites to this world. With the help of one trusted comrade, once a deadly enemy, she just may live long enough to succeed.


“Excellent SF adventure!”—Andre Norton